EOSDT — the #1 decentralized EOS-backed stablecoin

Doing more than a dollar

EOSDT is a USD-pegged stablecoin that leverages underlying EOS collateral and adds extra liquidity to the market

Stability Fund* ensures safety profile

6,507,625.94 EOS

$ 23,876,479.58

* Equilibrium locked own capital to ensure users get their funds back in case of extraordinary market events

4,657,631.99 EOS

$ 17,088,851.79


4,570,302.86 EOSDT


374 %

collateralization ratio

1 EOS = $ 3.67

1 NUT = 29.00 EOS

current on-chain rates

A safe-haven currency of nowadays

EOSDT is a highly transactable form of money that is free from volatility and uncertainty

Transparent by design

Collateralizing EOS cryptocurrency is the only way to put EOSDT into circulation


The on-chain stability mechanisms maintain a 1:1 parity with USD

Lower collateral requirements

A critical collateralization ratio of 130% offers more flexibility

Regulatory compliant

EOSDT is designed in a regulatory compliant manner to be considered a cryptocurrency

Equilibrium Stability Fund ensures safety profile of the framework

Equilibrium used its own capital to establish the Stability Fund that ensures users get their funds back in case of extraordinary market events

Smart contract

Gain on your EOS by default

The system distributes its revenue streams to users who staked EOS or NUT in the EOSDT smart contracts

Current supply APR

EOS: 1.66%NUT: 12.23%

REX profit
BP rewards
Liquidation penalty
EOSDT smart contracts
to EOS collateral holders
to NUT holders

Current supply APR

EOS: 1.66%NUT: 12.23%

Robust technology basis

EOSDT utilizes a tried-and-tested infrastructure of the Equilibrium framework

Robust price feeds

Oraclized market data facilitates mark-to-market for EOSDT positions

Agile on-chain liquidation

The liquidation system is comprised of smart contracts and arbitration bots to support wiping out undercollateralized EOSDT

NUT tokens

NUT is used for covering fees, accessing liquidated EOS collateral, and as a governance token

EOSDT is available at

Use cases


Hold & leverage your EOS for EOSDT stablecoins, lend yourself a USD-pegged cryptocurrency at just 1% APR

Generate EOSDT


The Equilibrium framework is a software service with a consensus based governance system. EOSDT and Native Utility Token (NUT) are not a security or a regulated instrument. The use of this site and the Equilibrium self-service gateway is subject to Terms and Conditions, by accessing this site you agree to these Terms.