Stability of the framework

is maintained with indirect incentives on EOS smart contracts

Key equilibrium parameters:
circulation ceiling
70,000,000 EOSDT
current collateralization
critical collateralization
An oraclized price feed facilitates mark-to-market on the framework
The framework constantly monitors open positions at current prices provided through a trustline by Oraclize (now Provable™)
If EOSDT's price changes relative to USD, the framework balances its supply and demand
If the price of EOSDT rises above 1 USD, the cost to create EOSDT goes down. This increases the total supply and pushes the price back to the target of 1 USD
Incentives in the framework maintain the collateralization level
Users are incentivized to maintain collateralization of their positions above the critical level of 170%. Otherwise, undercollateralized positions will be liquidated
Opportunities for arbitrators
Buyout of collateral for liquidation
Get liquid digital assets at a 5% market discount by providing EOSDT to undercollateralized positions
Accrued fees covering
Get EOSDT at a 5% discount by providing EOS to cover the stability fees the framework accrues
* discount is covered by a liquidation penalty of 20%
The Equilibrium framework is a software service with a consensus based governance system. EOSDT and Native Utility Token (NUT) are not a security or a regulated instrument. The use of this site and the Equilibrium self-service gateway is subject to Terms and Conditions, by accessing this site you agree to these Terms.